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Mon Jan 10 2011

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"Veteran HIP ensemble"? We're 31 years young, thank you very much! performing.artshub.com.au/news-article/r…


This pic was taken today at the OAE Academy – a three day training event for members of our Anne and Peter Law OAE Experience scheme (our apprenticeship scheme for young musicians). What on earth was going on? 


  • And no sign of Tai-Chi-Chi…

    Jonnyhotrod Mon Jan 10 2011
  • (Horn player) my chakra is tuned to a=415!

    ant dean Mon Jan 10 2011
  • With so many well-placed lunges, I’d say the courtly art of fencing, except some of those kids are going to get themselves killed!

    Yvonne Mon Jan 10 2011
  • it’s the music warrior pose.

    eatswords Mon Jan 10 2011
  • Must be a Mahler score annotation “keep your back leg straight” (translated from the German of course)

    Cath Mon Jan 10 2011
  • Strrrr-etch yourself with OAE

    DL Tue Jan 11 2011
  • The Evolution Of The Orchestra

    Fig. 5 – Early, complex, multi-cellular musicians emerged from the primordial soup, colonised the Earth’s shores and began rehearsing.

    Pip Eastop Tue Jan 11 2011
  • Really stretch this phrase out. Elongate.

    eatswords Tue Jan 11 2011
  • Thanks for some very inventive suggestions! Have to say we think that ‘Tai-Chi-Chi’ is our favourite! For those of you who don’t know Chi-chi Nwanouku is our Principal Double Bassist.
    JonnyHotRod -if you drop us a line at info@oae.co.uk we’ll post you a little something…

    oaeblog Fri Jan 21 2011