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Tue Mar 23 2010

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We like to give all of our Southbank Centre concerts a title, as a kind of boiled-down summary of the event. They’re usually short, snappy and maybe a little bit irreverent (not irrelevant, as I was about to type). We thought we’d ask your help for this one – post your ideas as comments.

Tuesday 21 June 2011
Royal Festival Hall

Haydn Symphony No.64, Tempora mutantur
Concerto in E flat for Two Pianos, K365
Symphony No.95 in C minor

Sir Simon Rattle conductor
Katia and Marielle Labèque


  • Come on chaps! Not exactly overwhelmed with ideas here. Best so far is ‘Papa Haydn and Sister Act’

    oaeblog Tue Mar 23 2010
  • “Changing Times, Sisters Rattled”

    Bruce Hodges Tue Mar 23 2010
  • Double Mozart, Twice Haydn

    Aik Shin Wed Mar 24 2010
  • 1) Celebrating World Music Day

    2) Midsummer Mozart

    3) K365: Every day of the year needs Mozart

    4) s im O n r A t t l E

    5) Celebrating Katia Labeque’s 60th Birthday 🙂

    Sebastian Wed Mar 24 2010
  • well

    Classical Geniuses and a 3 some musical wonders!

    ARTURO VIOLA Wed Mar 24 2010
  • Classical Sandwich

    Carlos García Amigo Wed Mar 24 2010
  • Several suggestions:

    “The times, they are a’ changin’ ”


    “Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis”

    “As times change, so do we”

    Gil Limor Thu Mar 25 2010
  • The Times They Are a-Changin’ ?

    Michael Smith Thu Mar 25 2010
  • Oops, I failed to spot that Gil had beaten me to it!

    Michael Smith Thu Mar 25 2010
  • Times changed to Caslon!

    The Twins’ Tower is Rattled

    Times change, so we don’t know yet but probably 7.30pm (check your beautifully designed programme for further details)

    OR of course

    You illiterate swine. It’s Moriarty, where are you?

    Here. In the piano

    What the devil are you doing in there

    I’m hidin’

    Don’t be silly, Haydn’s been dead for years.

    Silence! I don’t wish to know that!

    Neither do I.

    I say, look here. Now, help me out! I’m disguised as one of the piano strings

    Which string are you?

    I think I’m a G-string.

    So that’s why I can’t see you?

    Heather Kenmure Sat Mar 27 2010
  • Un-haydn the Mozart in You

    Fernando Sat Mar 27 2010
  • A Labèque Litha

    Changing Times on the Longest Day

    Greats de la Musique

    Nick Cole Sun Mar 28 2010
  • 1 Mozart, 2 Haydn, 3 greats on the bill

    Nick Cole Sun Mar 28 2010
  • A European Union: Austrian works performed by British & French musicians

    Nick Cole Sun Mar 28 2010
  • Thanks for all your contributions! We decided to go with ‘Papa Haydn and Sister Act’ in the end. We’ll definitely be drawing on your combined creativity again in the future!

    oaeblog Tue May 11 2010