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Thu Aug 8 2013

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We're going more in depth into Vivaldi's Four Seasons with a look at the 'drunken man' in Autumn. All in time for o… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…


If you think you’re a good musician, don’t watch the video of the girl playing Vivaldi, apart from that, here’s our latest list of things that have caught our attention in the arts world.  But first…

If I bought a burger and the person behind the counter insisted it wasn’t a turtle, I would almost immediately suspect it was a turtle. That was Mr. Li’s first mistake when trying to smuggle a turtle disguised as a sandwich onto a plane.  Mr. Li was pulled aside by officials at China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, when the X-ray machines showed ‘suspicious corners’ on a KFC burger.  Mr. Li reportedly insisted that it was nothing but a burger ‘There is no turtle in there, just a hamburger. There’s nothing special to see inside’.

Vivaldi on the Electric guitar
Everytime I put this blog together I’m faced with more annoying children who can do things better than me.  Here’s one of them in the form of a girl playing Vivaldi on the electric guitar.  Still… bet she can’t get served.

Human Faces – Still Funny
True, finding human faces in every day objects may be the kind of personification that only serves to further demonstrate our narcissistic sense of self worth within an ever crumbling society, but… smiling cheese grater…pretty hilarious.

Practially Perfect in Every Way
These incredible folding clothes were created by Jule Waibel, a student at the Royal College of Art who took inspiration from Mary Poppins bottomless bag.  Using Tyvek, a ‘lightweight waterproof, tearproof synthetic paper to make her pieces, onto which a gradient is printed before the garment is made’. Find out more at It’s Nice That.

Best of Instagram
Something that’s appeared in this blog before is Jeff Hamada’s list of Instagram Greats.  One of my favourite regular posts and a brilliant thing to check out if you’re ever in need of inspiration, this latest lost of examples show that, for all it’s downfalls, technology (and apps like Instagram) help interesting and otherwise undiscovered artists to find an audience.

Best of Instagram: Week 7

Best of Instagram: Week 7

Best of Instagram: Week 7

Matthew Grindon
Press and Marketing Officer

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