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Two thousand and twelve is coming to an end and if there’s one thing that means, it’s Lists.  If you’re anything like a human, you’ll love lists.  Here at the OAE we can’t get enough of them, so allow me to show you the 2012 Best Lists List.  Take note.

The Guardian Best Albums of 2012

The wonderful people of The Guardian start their countdown of this year’s best albums. The list has been compiled following an extensive poll of the Guardian and the Observer’s music writers and includes the awesome Angel Haze and Poliça.

Costa Book Awards Shortlist

This year, one of the UK’s mopst prestigious book awards has broken away from tradition, with two graphic novels making the shortlist.  Days of the Bagnold Summer and Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, are the first graphic works to be shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and the decision could do wonders for the acceptance of graphic novels as literature among wider audiences.  Click here to view to full shortlist.

Top 10 Best Advent Calenders

It’s nearly December, which means it’s nearly Christmas.  Some people hate it, but I ain’t one of them.    Saturday morning, that advent calendar door is getting opened.  But if you haven’t got one yet, here’s a list of some of 2012’s best.

Thanksgiving playlist

Thanksgiving might be over…and completely irrelevant to most British people.  But it’s sort of like Christmas.  Insofar as eating turkey…
So this Thanksgiving playlist, as compiled by Time magazine, can be enjoyed by all.

Top Toys

Toy Retailers Association have compiled the 13 hottest toys this Christmas and its full of relaunches like Twister, Cabbage Patch Kids and Furbys.  Remember those?  Yeah me too.


Matthew Grindon
Press and Marketing Assistant

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