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Current Distractions

Fri Jan 31 2014

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This week’s Current Distractions is a special Friday edition. That means it has a special Friday message at the bottom, not that I didn’t get time to do it yesterday.

Sally Beamish
Sally Beamish, a composer who will be appearing with the OAE later this year has just released this new composition for harp. It’s called Awuya and is performed here by Anne Denholm.

Unpublished WWI Photos
When Peter Berry Ottaway of Hereford was cleaning out his grandfather’s attic, he found a rusty old box containing old negatives. As you can see below, the photos were successfully printed and document his grandfather’s WWI service in France and Belgium.

“The negatives give a real insight into what it was like back in World War I and my family are thrilled that they can see them,” Ottaway told the Hereford Times. ”They were just sitting in a loft all this time and we simply had no idea about them; they have been up there for almost a century and no one had mentioned them.”

The pictures are now collected in A Sapper in Flanders: 1914-1919 which can be purchased from all the usual book shops.

Off the tracks: Two soldiers from the Royal Engineers Light Railway Company pose next to a derailed train near the city of Arras

Road into France: A typical tree-lined, cobbled road in Flanders which was the first sight to greet British troops as they made their way across the Channel to join in the war effort. Many had never left the United Kingdom and thousands would not return

Canterbury Cathedral First Girls’ Choir
When I was at Uni, my part-time job was at Canterbury Cathedral, I don’t know how I got it. They made me a verger even though I didn’t know anything about churches and I wasn’t religious. It was alright though. It was quiet and I got a Christmas card off the Archbishop. Anyway, there was never an all female choir. And there hasn’t been one there for nearly 1000 years. That all changed this week though, when the cathedral’s first girls’ choir made its debut. Watch the BBC talk about it here:

Japanese Style Socket Covers
Tired of plug sockets making your home look ugly? Me neither, but I still want one of these.




Epic Miniatures
Photographer Vesa Lehtimäki uses baking soda, Lego, action figures and false perspective to recreate atmospheric movie scenes. Check out the results below and see more on his Flickr here.




Matthew Grindon
Press and Marketing Officer

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