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Current Distractions

Thu Mar 6 2014

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In this week’s Current Distractions – street art, a dressed up dad, a matchstick Hogwarts, mind music, a lady singing in a lake and much, much more.

Actually, no, that’s pretty much everything.

First up is this beautifully shot video of Caroline from the band Chairlift, with her version of a Handel aria for Yours Truly. Check it out below.

Artist Fra.Biancoshock, has begun what he refers to as ephemeralism “…a movement that has the purpose of producing works of art that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time.” It’s funny to look at too.

Fancy dress Dad
If you’re a creative parent, it’s in vogue to prove it by using your children as the centre point for your artistic endeavours. In this instance, the parent in question has gone one step further and figured out the most imaginative way to embarrass his teenage son – by waving him off in a different outlandish outfit every morning.

Compose classical music with your brainwaves
LJ Rich with Joel Eaton

Kind faced journalist LJ Rich and her BBC pals have been looking at how brainwaves can be used to directly make classical music. Subjects are given patterns to look at, these are then interpreted by your brain and transferred into musical phrases on a computer. This then ends up being a total score and musicians can play it. Watch the video here.

Lord of the Sticks
Finally, if you thought Tolkien and Harry Potter fans were dweebs with no friends and loads of spare time, then think again. Pat Acton has spent three years building these incredibly massive models out of matchsticks.

In the article on demilked it is claimed that ‘all he used was 420,000 carefully-placed matchsticks and gallons of glue. An additional 24,000 small wooden blocks were used to build up Mount Mindoullin, the supportive structure behind the whole sculpture’. If you look at this picture you can see that none of the matches have heads. It doesn’t say whether he pulls the heads off individually or if he buys them like that.





Matthew Grindon
Press and Marketing Officer

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