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Current Distractions

Fri Jul 18 2014

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You may have read some blog posts recently about the departure of Matt, who was the most frequent compiler of Current Distractions. He has now left the building (in a literal rather than figurative sense) and so it falls upon me, as his replacement, to do it. This week it’s all about fake and dangerous art, slow motion and heartbeats. Here goes….

Music and Stethoscopes  

You might know Richard Reed Parry as one of the (many) guys from Arcade Fire. But he’s been dabbling in classical music for a while and has just released his first full album of classical compositions.

This, however, is classical music with a difference. Each musician, rather than keeping time with each other, keeps time with their own heartbeat via a stethoscope. The results, obviously, are somewhat unpredictable, but it’s not the classical car crash that you’d imagine it might be.

You can buy the album and listen to it on Spotify now. Hear Parry talking about it over at NPR.

Photoshop without the Photoshop

Take a look at these pictures from New York artists Floto+Warner.







They look like some fancy Photoshop or 3D rendering work but they’re actually split-second ‘paintings’ produced in the Nevada desert, where the painters have basically just lobbed buckets of paint into the air.

Unless they really are done in Photoshop and we’ve all been taken in by an elaborate and ultimately pointless art hoax.

Watch a violin string being bowed in really slow motion

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but it has highlighted a whole new obscure branch of ‘violin string mathematics’ that I’d never even thought about before.

Man paints musical stave on railway tracks

This is another item that does exactly what it does on the tin. The man is Portuguese artist, Bordalo II.

A word of warning, however: this kind of behaviour is dangerous, don’t do it.




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