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As I will sadly be leaving the OAE this is my last arts blog, but stay tuned; my fantastic colleagues will be taking over and shall continue to bring you interesting things from the art world.  I’ve really enjoyed doing this and so thanks to everyone who read it! (aka my mum).  Only joking – my mum never reads it.

Ordinary Batman
This is nice.  Artist Sarah J presents the adventures of  Ordinary Batman.


Okay, I admit to laughing while making this one.

For fun.

I’ve never seen America’s Got Talent but I’m guessing it follows the same repugnant format as the British version: wheel out no-hope proletarians, humiliate them in front of cheering peasants, send them back to the day job they just publicly denounced.  Anyway, this is a pretty long-winded way of saying that recently some woman showed up and started singing opera, then half way through she took off her dress and stood their in nothing but a skimpy bikini.  The panel seemed to like it , but one of them’s rent-a-pervert Howard Stern and another is Scary Spice, so that doesn’t say much.  I’m not sure I’d trust any of them to make me a sandwich, let alone point me in the direction of talent, but that’s me.

On the tube back from the concert Wednesday night, I was carrying the Night Shift banner and a guy next to me asked if it was a gun.  Then he told me that 5 minutes earlier he shouted NEWTON! at a passenger who looked like Newton Faulkner, only to discover it was in fact Newton Faulkner.  Apparently the two of them then had a chat.  Anyway, this isn’t a very good story but it leads into my next bit, so I’ll keep it in.

People spotted on the underground

Poor OK GO.  Forever doomed to top their last real-time video.  This one is incredible though and worth a watch, first 30 seconds are a bit slow but stick with it.

Want to see a cute dog predict the football?  Go here.

Want to see some brilliant 5 Second shorts of iconic Football moments?  Go here.

Finally, here’s some hard to explain photos I found on the internet. Bye!

Matthew Grindon
Marketing and Press Officer

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