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Thu Oct 4 2012

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With so much going on this week, we felt it fitting to show you some of the things that caught our eye in the OAE office.  Here’s a lovely picture of some puppies hanging in baby clothes to start things off...and now drills.

Dentistry is fun too!

Creative practitioner Dhanni Gustiana has invented a dentist drill that plays music.  The plan is to put you at ease, while your jaw is bored into!  I suppose the worst case scenario is that it provides you with a personal soundtrack to the already horrifiying experience, potentially haunting you for life and sending threads of pain through your gums every time you hear it.   But it’s still a laugh.
Unless you have headphones… then you could just stick them on the patient instead… rather than making a special drill…

Music and the brain
There are a lot of different theories as to the kind of effects classical music can have on the body and brain.  In this fascinating article, Melanie Foster looks at the truth behind some such theories.

50s Clique

In a new play entitled The Festival of Britain, writer/director Ncube explores the lives of various characters, who frequent the same shop.  With the use of young actors and an unusual character providing alternative versions of 50s music, the play uses its minimalist set to enable the audience to see it in a range of locations around London, including some secret ones.

Champagne Towers ‘a vintage art form’
Gerry Calabrese is launching Baroque, a brand new venue which claims to have the most extensive Champagne list in London.  With an in-house band for entertainment plus resident DJs such as Adam Ficek of Babyshambles, Calabrese is promising it’ll be a “drinking experience which you just won’t get anywhere else in London.”


Geeked is a new illustration-led quarterly magazine with an urban feminist slant on art, culture and gender.  Sofia Hericson, creator and co-editor of the magazine, said that ‘In addition to creating a platform for writers and artists, GEEKED also endeavors to participate in, and enrich the fields of film and graphic novel production, particularly in ways which open them to more women. Amongst our other projects, we hope to develop a short film festival for women (as directors, producers or writers) as well as a yearly Graphic Novel competition for women graphic novelists. Like print, we believe film and graphic novels can provide women with amazing opportunities to express their unique experiences’.  The first issue will be launched on 19 November and look out for the OAE in future issues.

Matthew Grindon
Marketing and Press Assistant

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