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Sun 14 Jan 2018

Kings Place

Bach, the Universe and Everything

Time: 11:30am

Admission: £16.50

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Venue telephone: 020 7520 1490

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Bach Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele (Praise the Lord, my soul)

Steven Devine director
Charlotte Beament soprano
Nicholas Pritchard tenor
James Newby bass
Professor Helen F Gleeson guest scientist

Time and Vision

There’s a focus on time as our Sunday morning series helps launch Kings Place’s Time Unwrapped programme.

Joining us is experimental physicist Professor Helen Gleeson, whose work explores the how the structures of very tiny things effect things on a larger scale. She’ll be exploring issues of time and perception.

To mark the New Year, we’ll be performing Bach’s New Year cantata with its unusual scoring including timpani and three horns.

Our very own Sunday service is a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science. There is no better way to start a Sunday morning.

In partnership with the Institute of Physics.

In this concert we’ll be playing Bach’s  cantata Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele (Praise the Lord, my soul).

In partnership with the Institute of Physics.

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