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Fri Mar 4 2016

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News just in - we've got one of these coming to our next gig at Old Queen's Head, Islington, on Monday 29 April. It……


We’ve been a bit quiet recently, because we’ve been working on things in secret. But now it’s time to come clean.

The Good News.

We’re going monthly for the rest of 2016.

That means that The Night Shift will be happening every month up to and including November. Every. Month. We’ll be rotating between venues in East, (The George Tavern, Shadwell), North (Old Queen’s Head, Islington), and South (Bussey Building, Peckham) London. First up, The George Tavern on Tuesday 29 March.

Other news.

Even if we sell all the tickets, we still make a loss. Musicians, venues, and keeping tickets prices low is an expensive business.

So that’s where you come in – we need to raise over £1,600 to make sure The Night Shift can continue every month for the rest of the year. Just £5 gets you a spot on the Order of The Night Shift (as a lowly Comrade), but more money will give you a bigger and more impressive position in The Night Shift’s team. See what it’s all about and think about if you can help.

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