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Green Week

Fri Mar 20 2015

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As you may or may not know, OAE is committed to environmental sustainability. We are so committed, in fact, that we are spending the whole week celebrating it alongside our office neighbours, the London Sinfonietta. Yes, that’s right: it’s Green Week.

All of us at OAE believe in the importance of maintaining our own health and the health of the world around us. For that reason, we’ve all agreed (word used loosely) to spend the entire week forsaking all unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly practises and raising awareness of  major issues. On Monday we will walk into the office with rock hard abs and a set of newly acquired good habits which will last us long into the future.

So what exactly have we been doing? The challenges were presented early on, with our Green Newsletter on Monday morning. We were given detailed instructions on how to use the recycling bins (thank you James) and informed of the perils of improper waste disposal (see: the Great Pacific Rubbish Patch).

Bad recycling

London Sinfonietta’s James teaches us about recycling

Rather distressingly, we also discovered that our beloved PFA (Projects’ Food Area, home to Office treats) had been emptied of all sweets, biscuits and chocolates and had been replaced with a box of dates and a banana.

By Tuesday, however, we had gotten over our shock and we were ready to prove what we were made of. The fun run was a massive success and we all felt better for it.


The team all fired up for the Green Week Fun Run

Wednesday was a pretty full day – several members of the office contributed to a green bake sale, and we were given an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the recycling and waste disposal mechanisms in our building (no mean feat, when you consider that Kings Place is home to numerous businesses, several concert halls, cafes and restaurants). Kings place recycles 65% of its waste, an increase of 16% from last year, and hopes to reach 90% in the next few years!

Rubbish Tour 5

The Rubbish Tour was anything but rubbish


But all that touring was hungry work, so we all gathered back at the office for the hotly anticipated eco-friendly bake sale. Highlights included Sophie’s raw vegan brownies, Charles’ beetroot cake (made, he insists, without any meat or dairy) and James’ chocolate sprinkle cake (two layers of fair-trade, rainforest-friendly certified chocolate icing on a sponge made with happy free-range eggs from a local source).

Raw Brownies

Raw vegan chocolate brownies

Hannah’s honey cake was also a big hit: She restricted herself to only local ingredients, thus showcasing the exotic flavours Essex and the greater London area.

So far, Green Week has been a huge success. Our waistlines have shrunk, our minds have grown, and we raised enough money in the bake sale to adopt a hive of bees (or a wolf – the decision is yet to be finalised).

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