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“I’d have loved to have had a drink with him”: Robin Michael on Haydn

Thu Oct 17 2013

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A few weeks ago (when it was still sunny and you could wear flip flops without looking like an idiot), we caught up with Robin Michael who is playing ‘cello on the Pub Tour.We talked to him about Joseph Haydn, whose music we feature on the latest pub tour. “His music reflects all that there is in the human spirit” says Robin – he’s clearly a fan. And so was the whole of London at the time – Joseph Haydn was a huge celebrity here and was twice lured over from Austria to London, where he was treated like musical royalty. Think One Direction in the USA. Sort of.

Anyway, enjoy the video and come and hear the music of Haydn at the following Pub Tour dates:

21 Oct, Blind Tiger Club, Brighton
22 Oct, Hatchet Inn, Bristol
23 Oct, The Monarch, London

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