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James Anderson, OAE musician, tells us a bit about his Cimbasso which he’ll be playing at our Glyndebourne performances of Falstaff  this summer…

My Cimbasso was made for me by Heinrich Thein, and instrument maker in Bremen. The bore (tubing size), is a copy of the instrument used at La Scala in Milan and is quite narrow, giving it the ability to make an edgier sound at a lower dynamic. This makes it more suitable to play with the narrow bore trombones of Verdi’s time: he often scored his parts for valve trombones, which also have a narrow bore.

Most of the modern Cimbassi are made by tuba manufacturers and as they use tuba tubing, which has a much wider bore, their fatter sound is often like a tuba. Verdi insisted that nearly all of his opera parts were  played on the Cimbasso. In a letter to Ricordi, his publisher, he said he wanted the fourth trombone part to be played on a Cimbasso and if that were not possible, then on a large trombone, but definitely NOT on a tuba!


  • you are right, Tuba and Verdi: never ever! The basslines in Verdis Operas must sound like a deep trombone, so we are lucky to use the cimbasso for this purposes.

    Matthias Wilhelm Sat Oct 19 2013
  • What is the bore of the Milan (and your) instrument? Mine is 15.2mm which i think is only 1mm wider than a typical modern bass trombone – so I would be interested in the bore of the bass trombnoe used in OAE Verdi.

    David Young Tue Sep 9 2014
  • We’ll find out the answers to these questions and get back to you David!

    oae Tue Sep 9 2014
  • thank you! you guys are cool…:)

    wolfgang Sun Jul 12 2015