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Fix up, Look ♯ (How composers might look today…)

Thu Jun 6 2013

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From Gilbert and Sullivan last night, it's back to Bach 18 hours later... twitter.com/WilliamSearle0…


Their music might have stood the test of time, but what about their looks?  We gave a 2013 make over to some of our favourite composers …and one of them looks disturbingly like a mod cyclist… still, better than anything Gok Wan would’ve done.

Handel – Athletic

haydn modern portrait
Haydn – Suave

Bach – Dapper


  • I can’t think of a less-apt update than Handel in a tracksuit! hilarious!

    jo Thu Jun 6 2013
  • Is that Bruce Springsteen in the suave? Sorry, Bach looks like a tech prof at the faculty club luncheon.

    red Thu Jun 6 2013
  • THIS IS SO FAB OMG!!!11!!1!!!!!1!!!11
    luv all dem composers dere!!!1!!1!1

    your mum Fri Nov 1 2013
  • I’m teaching Bach in a K-8 school and the modern portrait really helped “humanize” him and helped the kids get past the wig!

    L Ellington Mon Sep 28 2015