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Matthew Truscott on Purcell

Tue Apr 29 2014

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We're back for the second set now. Lisa's playing tunes resembling bird calls. You can watch it over on YouTube.…

Matthew Truscott

This May, The Night Shift is back to make your ears smile in two amazing venues.  What will we be playing?  Purcell that’s what.  Here’s violinist Matthew Truscott to tell you why that’s a good thing…

“Purcell’s music has been a regular feature for The Night Shift, especially in the smaller more intimate venues. It’s music we care very much about as players, and which we find audiences responding to very strongly. It’s direct and disarming, written in London more than 300 years ago and with a peculiarly English melancholy. Having so far presented the wonderful instrumental music we are delighted for these two nights to offer alongside this the music so richly deserved by our lovely Night Shift audiences: songs! No ordinary songs either, songs of love and loss, sung by the equally extraordinary Julia Doyle, arch-Purcellian and cause for audiences throughout the land and beyond to reach quietly for their handkerchiefs.”


13 May, The Doodle Bar, Battersea

14 May, Wilton’s Music Hall

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