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Mon Oct 10 2016

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We need you, the audience, to help us come up with a title for one of our 2017–2018 concerts.

Just suggest a title for the concert. Then we’ll choose one, use it, and give you a pair of tickets to the concert (or another from next season if you prefer).

While some people might be tempted by a concert called Sir Roger Norrington Conducts Haydn, Mozart, Chevalier de Saint-Georges and Beethoven, it doesn’t look very appealing in adverts and brochures. That’s why we called that programme Compulsive Lyres and Fowl Play (the Mozart was his flute and harp concerto and the Haydn was The Hen) when we performed it earlier this year. And the title came from an audience suggestion. In previous years  you gave us Lord of the Strings, The Only Brahms and the Last Schumann, and Fingers, Felix & The Freeshooter. Obviously alliteration and puns are encouraged.

We’re struggling with this Royal Festival Hall concert in 2018:

Adam Fischer conductor

Mozart Overture from Idomeneo
Mozart Estinto è Idomeneo? or Non temer, amato bene from Idomeneo 
Mozart Symphony No.25
Haydn Scena di Berenice
Haydn Symphony No. 103, The Drumroll

Put your suggestions in the comments below, email us, or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook before Thursday 27 October 2016.


  • Josef and the Wolfgang

    Erica Kendall Mon Oct 10 2016
  • Papa & The Prodigy

    Alliteration and Mozart Symphony No 25 was written when he was 17. Papa was used even during Joseph Haydn’s lifetime as a term of endearment by his pupils.

    Peter Anderson Mon Oct 10 2016
  • Mozart, Haydn in plain sight.

    David Samuels Mon Oct 10 2016
  • IdoMcMeneoFace

    Alexandra Mon Oct 10 2016
  • Magical Myths and Special Symphonies

    John Bulwer Mon Oct 10 2016
  • Haydn’ Mozart.

    Rebecca Tue Oct 11 2016
  • Music of the Spheres

    Tim Wheeler Wed Oct 12 2016




    Louisa Wed Oct 12 2016
  • Drama, Divas and Drumrolls

    Ben Palmer Wed Oct 12 2016
  • Drumroll Please

    Neil Brownless Wed Oct 12 2016
  • Our Amadeus Ex Machina Is No Longer Haydn

    Omar Alonso Wed Oct 12 2016
  • Art with Hay

    Robyn Wed Oct 12 2016
  • Mozart and Haydn, Bdum-Tish

    Ollie Hogg Thu Oct 13 2016
  • Piety, Princesses and Paradiddles.

    Louisa Thu Oct 13 2016
  • Mozart Speaks, In Music

    H.Constantine Thu Oct 13 2016
  • H&M: Off-beat stylings and cords with roll-ups by the banging aria

    Robert W Fri Oct 14 2016
  • MOHAY FOR ALL – Mozart meets Haydn in OAE’s new concert.

    Selina Mills Fri Oct 14 2016
  • They hear drumrollin
    We’re playin
    Come and catch us Haydn dirty…

    Andy Langley Mon Oct 17 2016
  • Scenes, High Seas & Symphonies

    Tides, Torrents & Timps

    Absence Makes the Heart Beat Faster

    Louisa Mon Oct 17 2016
  • Torrents, Torment & Timpani

    * ‘Torrents’ because Berenice sings “torrente crudel de miei martiri”
    ** ‘Torment’ because Idamante sings “dite voi, s’egual tormento
    può soffrir un fido cor?”

    Louisa Mon Oct 17 2016
  • Concert Name contest: the dog ate my last attempt…

    “”Maestro Hayden and His Best Student”

    Marty Hill Wed Oct 26 2016