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The Night Shift Pub Tour, London – Your Thoughts…

Mon Oct 28 2013

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We're back for the second set now. Lisa's playing tunes resembling bird calls. You can watch it over on YouTube.…


The Night Shift Pub Tour has now sadly came to an end.  We had a fantastic time and huge thanks go out to all who came along and everyone that helped make it happen!  Here’s what some of you had to say about the London leg of the tour…

le cool London ‏@lecool_London
Booze and orchestral tunes in Balham with @OAENightShift

Richard Melkonian ‏@RVMmelkonian
@OAENightShift @thebedfordlive I’ll be buying tix on the door Looking forward to it!

Hannah Bujic ‏@hannahbujic
On my way to @OAENightShift for beer curry and new music #perfectnewmusicnight @soundandmusic

Glitterball. This bodes well… @OAENightShift

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Clair Donnelly ‏@ClairDonnelly
Classical music minus the rules, so were doing our best to natter a bit @OAENightShift

Milly Melon ‏@millymelon
It’s the @OAENightShift which is in a pub and has been funded by a crowd

Michael Duffy ‏@michael_tenor
Haydn at the back with @amyhinds @OAENightShift #shamefulpun

Amy Hinds ‏@amyhinds
Bit of @OAENightShift action…just right for a Monday evening with @michael_tenor!!

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Alix Kroeger ‏@AlixKroeger
Pig-ignorant as I am about contemporary music, I thought that piece by Kate Whitly at @OAENightShift was lovely and shimmery

Sarah Watson ‏@SarahWatsonLDN
Enjoying @OAENightShift at the Bedford in Balham, Haydn with some contemporary thrown in, a nice day to spend a Monday night!

Caroline Ferry ‏@CaggyFerry
Drinking cider to Haydn and clapping between movements. Love @OAENightShift

All they’re missing are the bean bags @OAENightShift @CityLdnSinfonia

phaude ‏@phaude
The @OAENightShift setting a fine example to other musicians this eve by encouraging an in-concert drinking game. Make a note, Wigmore Hall.

Adrian Ruth ‏@adrianruth
@OAENightShift tonight-beautiful music on centuries-old instruments from cool musicians. Shame about the terrible venue @TheBedfordPub

Andrew ‏@Goonando
OAENightShift  great night. Great Haydn. Great post-pub pork pie!

Louise Cleverdon ‏@LouiseCleverdon
A lovely way to spend a Monday evening at the @OAENightShift. Great to have Kate Whitley there talking about her composition. Loved it.

Fiona Harvey ‏@FionaHarvey30
@LouiseCleverdon: A lovely Mon eve at the @OAENightShift. Great to have Kate Whitley there talking about her composition. Loved it.” Agreed

Ben_Collingwood ‏@CollersB
Drinking games to Haydn fugue subjects… Can only be @OAENightShift #funevening

Richard Melkonian@RVMmelkonian
OAENightShift I never knew Fugues and Merlot go so well together… Luckily I bought a large 😉

Ceri Jones @CeriKitchen
fab night last night ! Wishing you so much luck for the rest of the tour 🙂

Sophie Kelland ‏@SophieKelland
Packed pub @OAENightShift with wonderful strings round two!

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Beatrice Philips ‏@TheBeat23
Wonderful evening at @OAENightShift An East End pub full of people listening with rapt admiration to quartets – bravo again Mr.Haydn

Paul ‏@bitoclass
Enjoyable @OAENightShift finishes w/drinking game where they reprise a piece & get ¼ of room to drink for each instrument playing key theme!

Beatrice Philips ‏@TheBeat23
@danieltongpiano likewise! What a perfect way to spend an evening. @oaenightshift

Kat Hattersley ‏@kathattersley
Looking forward to @OAENightShift at @oldqueenshead tonight! 🙂

Anna Attallah ‏@AnnaMelba
excited and intrigued to be seeing @OAENightShift for the first time this eve

Sophie Kelland ‏@SophieKelland

Venue no.3 @OAENightShift
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Camilla Begg ‏@Camillixer
Beer, music, and an existential chat on Haydn vs the human condition. #perfect @OAENightShift

Good hair @OAENightShift

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Martin Cope ‏@MartinCope
Listening to a string quartet from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment playing Haydn in a pub in Islington. Thanks @OAENightShift

Kat Hattersley ‏@kathattersley
Great @OAENightShift gig at @oldqueenshead. Especially loved the world premiere!

Martin Cope ‏@MartinCope
You were all excellent and I loved the chat between pieces. Keep it up! @OAENightShift

Oli Winton ‏@oliverwinton
Thoroughly enjoyed @OAENightShift at @oldqueenshead tonight. Will definitely go again

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Roscius ‏@WilliamSerfass
Went to @oldqueenshead to @OAENightShift night ! Great to see that classical music is not dead. Well done !

Camilla Begg ‏@Camillixer
Good beard @OAENightShift

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Kim Ashton ‏@kimbashton
fantastic perf of my new piece @OAENightShift by @rozzamichael @MatthewTruscott &co. Many thanks all! Also to @soundandmusic & @hannahbujic

Natasha Stehr@tasha_stehr
Haydn, peasant dancing and a few beverages with the @OAENightShift in Camden…nice.

Will there be another one? Sad I missed it tonight!

Nick Sherrard ‏@NickSherrard
I’m at @oaenightshift in Camden

Sophie Kelland ‏@SophieKelland
Drinks, Haydn & Merriment @camdenmonarch with @OAENightShift #classicalmusicminustherules

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sheshrugged ‏@sheshrugged
first set starting at the monarch with @OAENightShift!

David Hopkins ‏@davidrhopkins 
@OAENightShift so gutted I missed it last night – I really want to see pub tour soon!

sheshrugged ‏@sheshrugged
@OAENightShift lively first set just finished, on to the second!

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