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The Night Shift Pub Tour in Bristol & Brighton – Your Thoughts…

Thu Oct 24 2013

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Okay, so we're not great at maths. But we are good at bringing our instruments down the pub and putting on a show……


This week, for the first time, we took The Night Shift out of London and into the pubs of Brighton and Bristol.  Here’s what you had to say about it…

Sophie Kelland@SophieKelland
Brighton @OAENightShift underway! #classicalmusicminustherules

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Richard Whadcock ‏@rwhadcock
@kimbashton @theoae @rozzamichael @soundandmusic A great evening, really liked your new piece. Added a extra dimension.

Jackdaws ‏@JackdawsMusic
These events from @theoae look absolutely wonderful. We hope to make it to the #Bristol event tomorrow. #classicalmusic

Opus 13 ‏@Opus13Music
The Night Shift: Pub Tour … Tomorrow at The Hatchet – Haydn with a pint, what could be better! @theoae

Harrison Ensemble ‏@HarrisonEnsembl
Looking forward to @OAENightShift tonight in Brighton!

Tim Hutton ‏thetimhutton
Wow what a great gig in #Brighton tonight. @OAENightShift playing classical music at @BlindTiger_Club come again!

Richard Whadcock ‏@rwhadcock
@mrdominicsmith @theoae Fantastic night of music, definitely need more of those!

Brighton Early Music@BREMF
Tuning up for tonight’s classical pub gig with @oaenightshift @BlindTiger_Club #brighton #bremf2013

Blind Tiger@BlindTiger_Club
OAENightShift So very welcome! What an amazing night! #brighton

Sussex Symphony ‏@ssomusic
We’re out at the @theoae‘s @OAENightShift at the @BlindTiger_Club #brighton and it’s rather wonderful…

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Sussex Symphony

@OAENightShift we really enjoyed, thank you! (We were the table under the stags head btw!)

alicealicealice ‏@alicealicealice
@kimbashton @oaenightshift @soundandmusic beautiful dances Kim. Brilliant gig. Thanks all

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Brighton Early Music ‏@BREMF
@OAENightShift Thanks! We’ll really enjoyed last night’s gig. Hope it goes well today in Bristol.

“It was nice to be able to sit back, slouch slightly in our chairs, occasionally fidget and clink our glasses against heavy wooden table tops as Haydn’s complex fugues and rich harmonies reached our ears.”
Rosie Pentreath

Sinfonia Cymru ‏@sinfoniacymru 22 Oct
Haydn in The Hatchet Inn, courtesy of the fantastic @OAENightShift

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Elizabeth Davis ‏@lizidavis
At the Hatchet inn, Bristol waiting for @theoae to do their thing. Currently loving the merchandise

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Suzanne Hay@Suzanne_Hay
Full house here at The Hatchett Inn, #Bristol for @OAENightShift‘s Pub Tour Haydn up first…

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Suzanne Hay ‏@Suzanne_Hay
Great night at The Hatchett Inn, #Bristol for @OAENightShift  …We even had an encore…it was a music drinking game!

Miss Hamilton-Ayres ‏@AHamiltonAyres
Drinking game with @OAENightShift ha!

Nicola V-B ‏@princessbump
Great night so far @OAENightShift in Bristol tonight! Never has classical music been so cool….Suzanne Hay

Hilarious & entertaining intro from Matthew Truscott at @OAENightShift. Next up: Satoko Doi-Luck’s Flying of Fickle with intro by composer

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