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Planes, trains and automobiles (well no planes, not til the following day anyway)

Mon Aug 8 2011

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The cause of all our transport problems... The landslide outide at East Croydon station

On Monday, players and management got caught up in the chaos of the landslide at East Croydon station. Here’s how we got (most of!) them to the performance on time, with a few stand-ins in unusual places…

[Curtain up was supposed to be at 5.15…]

How Megan (Projects Manager, standing in for Philippa, the Orchestra Manager) got to Glyndebourne:

Departure: 11.55 from Vauxhall (She was hoping to have a swim before the show!|)

Train Vauxhall – Clapham Junction

Train Clapham Junction – East Croydon

Oh dear, about 1000 people waiting for rail replacement bus services to Gatwick Airport outside the station and no taxis to be found…

Walk to West Croydon

Train West Croydon – Sutton

Train Sutton – Dorking (made the train by about 1 minute)

[Briefly met her Mum to pick up some bits for tour the following day!]

Train Dorking Deepdene – Redhill

Train Redhill – Gatwick Airport

It’s now about 3.30…

Train Gatwick Airport – Brighton (Stopping at EVERY station en route)

Train Brighton – Lewes

Taxi to Glyndebourne

Arrival: 4.45


How Matthew Truscott (Leader) got Glyndebourne:

Departure: 12.30 From somewhere in South London (he was hoping to do some practice before the show)

Train to East Croydon

Queued for about an hour and a half for a replacement bus to Gatwick Airport

Got to Gatwick Airport, but continued to Brighton as there was chaos there.

Loo stop at Pease Pottage – sweet talked someone in the petrol station (who wasn’t going to Glyndebourne) to take him to Glyndebourne!

Arrival: 5.00 (Much to the relief of his desk partner who was madly practicing the solos in the overture in case he didn’t turn up!)


How Charles Fullbrook (Timpani) and Sue Sheppard (Cello) got to Glyndebourne:

Departure: Sometime around 2pm from London

Train to East Croydon

Serendipitous meeting in the queue for the rail replacement bus at East Croydon

Queued for 1½ hours for bus

1½ hours on the bus to Gatwick Airport (a mere 10 miles)

Gatwick Airport – Brighton

Curtain up about now*

Brighton – Lewes

Taxi to Glyndebourne

Arrival about 15 minutes before the end of Act I!

*So how did we survive without a timpanist? It turns out that the harpsichord player studied timpani as second study at music college, so filled in for him until Charles turned up!

Curtain up was eventually only about 20 minutes late.

So did everyone get home? Yes! Fortunately there were some spaces in other players’ cars going the right direction so everyone managed to get home eventually. Next stop, Heathrow airport at 7.30am the following morning to fly to Germany to continue the run of Marriage of Figaro in Salzburg. No rest for the wicked!

Megan Russell, Projects Manager

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