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Pub profile: Cavendish Arms

Fri Aug 28 2015

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Okay, so we're not great at maths. But we are good at bringing our instruments down the pub and putting on a show……


So it might not be a particularly inspiring setting – it is, after all, Stockwell. But look at this place on street view and you’ll see a sweet little pub with bunting outside and a banner advertising ‘South Lambeth Market’. The Cavendish Arms describe themselves as an ‘arts’ pub, Stockwell’s hidden gem. It’s cute.


Inside, there are all things you might ordinarily expect from a pub. Big comfy Chesterfield sofas. Jazzy carpets that tip-toe the line between excellent and awful. Equally jazzy wallpapers. Beer.

But the best is waiting for you in their back room, where we’ll be doing The Night Shift. It’s like the Red Room from Twin Peaks, except without the short dancing man. At least, we haven’t arranged one – if you fancy cutting some shapes to some Purcell then please do.

cav back room

The Cav also serves DISCO FRIES. No, us neither, but we’d be willing to try.


The Night Shift comes to the Cavendish Arms, Stockwell on Saturday 5 September 2015 more info/tickets.

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