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Pub Profile: The Hatchet Inn

Tue Oct 15 2013

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The Hatchet Inn

Famed for it’s cock-fighting ring in the 18th Century, and later its boxing ring, which produced Bristol’s boxing bare-knuckle champions Benjamin Brain, Jem Belcher and Henry Pearce, The Hatchet Inn is an alternative pub that has been in license since 1606. It’s is one of Bristol’s leading rock and alternative venues, hosting  regular club nights that cater for a variety of musical styles and tastes.

Situated near the O2 Academy, the pub is a grade II listed building with a traditional white and black exterior. It is reputedly haunted, and was in the past used as a brothel, and beneath it’s layers of paint and tar its said lie the skins of the unfortunate. Literally. This is just one of the many tales and myths about The Hatchet. Another suggests that it’s name derives from the woodsmen and the hatchets and axes that they used in nearby Clifton Woods.

The pub is a popular meeting place for music enthusiasts and boasts an extensive but reasonably priced menu of food and drink. The menu features cold and hot food, ranging from sandwiches to 5oz Keynsham rump steak. Drink options include Courage Best and Doombar, while Thatchers Gold is a choice for cider. Assuming that cider is ever a good choice.

A well-known popular pub and music venue, The Hatchet offers a welcoming atmosphere. Indeed, it’s known for being an ‘attitude-free’ environment, making it perfect for The Night Shift, and our ‘rules-free’ ethos.

The OAE has played in Bristol, in the more sedate surroundings of St Georges, for years, but this is the very first time that we’ve brought The Night Shift to town. Join us at The Hatchet Inn on Tuesday 22 October for an evening of rules free classical – with tickets available for just £5.


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