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Pub Tour: Set list from The Bedford

Tue Sep 24 2013

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Apologies all – we had planned to post these set lists ages ago but, to be honest, we clean forgot. But here it is now – the full set list from our gig back on 9 September at The Bedford in Balham. Keep your eyes on our website in the next few weeks for a list of recommended recordings.

First Set

String Quartet No. 1, Opus 77 (first movement)
String Quartet No.2, Opis 54 (second movement

Kate Whitley
Statice for String Quartet

String Quartet No.2, Opus 77 (fourth movement)

Second Set

String Quartet No 2, Opus 77 (complete)

Encore and drinking song – reprise of fourth movement from String Quartet No.2, Opus 77

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