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Pub Tour: Set lists from The George and Old Queens Head

Tue Oct 8 2013

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'Italian harpsichords like this were particularly favoured for their ability to fit in lifts when the concert was on the first floor...'


Here are set lists from our gigs last month in Whitechapel and Angel. We’re on the road again soon, with more pub gigs in Brighton (21 Oct), Bristol (22nd Oct) and Camden (23 Oct).

10 September, George Tavern

First set:

String Quartet No. 2, Opus 77, First Movement
String Quartet No. 2, Opus 54, Second Movement

Kate Whitley
Statice for String Quartet

String Quartet No.5, Opus 20, Fourth Movement

Second set:

String Quartet No 1, Opus 77 (complete)


11 September, Old Queens Head, Angel

First Set

String Quartet No.2, Opus 77, first movement
String Quartet No.1, Opus 54, second movement

Satoko Doi-Luck
Flying of Fickle Time (world premiere)

String Quartet No.5, Opus 76, fourth movement

Second Set

String Quartet No.1, Opus 77 (complete)

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