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Put your thinking caps on and name a concert for us…

Mon Nov 10 2014

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Wow, that came round fast. It only seems like yesterday that we were asking you to help us name a concert in our current season (Lord of the Strings, coming up on 25 Nov and on tour), and here we are doing it all over again – this time for our 2015-2016 season, which gets announced in January.

As you probably know we give each concert a name. Sometimes these are purely descriptive (XXX violinist plays XXX composer – especially good when there’s some alliteration), or sometimes they are more humorous or whimsical, as in Lord of the Strings. From our point of view what we want them to do is to pique the readers interest and get them to read more about the concert.

Every year there is one concert that stumps us a bit and we put it to you to help us out and suggest some titles. Actually there are at least 3 next year which are stumping us, but we’ll just give you one….

So – details of the concert below. Leave your suggestions in the comments section. If there’s one we LOVE we’ll just run with it, but if we get lots and can’t decide we’ll put it to a public vote. If your suggestion wins you’ll earn yourself a couple of seats to a concert of your choice this season (or the concert you’ve named, but it’s over a year away…)

Oh – and importantly this is going to be an important season for us – our 30th anniversary / birthday season at Southbank Centre. So your answers better be good.

The concert is:

Haydn Symphony No 83 in G minor, La Poule
Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp
Méhul Overture – Chasse Jeune Henri
Beethoven Symphony No 2 in D

Suggestions need to be in by Thursday at 9.30am, so get your thinking caps on now…


  • A Chicken, a Stag and a Dragon!

    Of the Beethoven’s second symphony, one Viennese critic for the Zeitung fuer die elegante Welt (Newspaper for the Elegant World) famously wrote that it was “a hideously writhing, wounded dragon that refuses to die, but writhing in its last agonies and, in the fourth movement, bleeding to death.” !!

    Ruth Samuels Mon Nov 10 2014
  • The Mythical Jewel of Pan vs Apollo

    louisa Mon Nov 10 2014
  • “the three musketeers” they were three, plus D’artagnan. They were French, so was Mehul.

    Daniel Silva Mon Nov 10 2014
  • Chicken chasseur takes a good Haydn while Mozart Beethoven to the Mehul.

    What’s there left to say?

    David Reid Alker Mon Nov 10 2014
  • Compulsive Lyres and Fowl Play

    Ms Parker Mon Nov 10 2014
  • Pluck at the heartstrings .

    Alex Tue Nov 11 2014
  • “The Sneezing Chicken”

    I once heard a conductor refer to the last movement of the Beethoven as a bunch of sneezes. Kinda like this http://youtu.be/oUE9j8TD6kU

    Bart Tue Nov 11 2014