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Richard Tognetti

Wed Oct 29 2014

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We’re very excited that Richard Tognetti is directing our next concert in The Works series.

A world renowned violinist, he’s the Artistic Director and leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, whilst also working with many other ensembles around the world (the USA, Hong Kong, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland…his passport must get a lot of use).

The story of how he got to his current position reads a bit like a satisfying children’s book. Richard grew up in the Australian seaside town of Wollongong (that’s a Roald Dahl type place name right there). He became inspired by a concert at Wollongong town hall, and consequently sought a music teacher. It just so happened that one of the greatest viola players who has ever lived was resident in the same town. Richard went knocking on the door of the legend William Primrose, and asked him for lessons. Simple as that. (William Primrose CBE was a very famous Scottish born viola player known for his outstanding playing technique).

At the ripe old age (sarcasm) of twenty-three Richard received a call asking him to take over the Australian Chamber Orchestra. I don’t know what you were doing when you were twenty-three, or if you have even reached that age yet, but to be made Artistic Director of an orchestra is certainly further than I had got in life…

A very talented man, Richard composes, transcribes, arranges, conducts, performs on period, modern and electric instruments, and to top it all he taught Russell Crowe how to play the violin. Ok, fake play the violin. Richard Tognetti was co-composer of the award winning score for the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and also violin tutor for its star.

Book now for the concert on Mon 24 Nov at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, with Tognetti directing Dvorak, Grieg and Elgar.

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