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Roundhouse site visit

Wed Dec 23 2009

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Last week four of us from the office went to visit the Roundhouse in advance of our Night Shift event there in January. It’s a new venue for us so there was quite a lot to find out about the venue and decide upon. Currently it’s set up for a circus show, La Clique, so we had to imagine how it would look in January. The main difference is of course that there will be a stage in place, but the seating will be much the same. The Roundhouse doesn’t often host classical concerts so we had to discuss the chairs being used for the Orchestra, what risers they have (the raised blocks the woodwind, brass and percussion sit on) and where they should be placed, as well as looking at dressing rooms for conductor, presenter, leader and Orchestra. We ran up against a slight problem for the latter as the larger rooms we could use for the bulk of the orchestra are in the basement and the only way into the auditorium seemed to be via the outside! I’m sure we’ll find a solution! As it’s a Night Shift we also talked about what we could do with the lighting, and how the live video will work. The crew at The Roundhouse were all incredibly helpful, so we’re sure it’ll all go smoothly, and should be a fantastic event. I took a couple of quick pictures of the inside, but they’re incredibly bad quality – apologies!

This is probably our last post until the new year – so hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy new year.

William Norris, Marketing Director

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