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Rules? What rules?

Sun Feb 22 2015

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Don't miss this Tuesday. Tix:…


Refrain from:
Quiet conversations
Tapping to the music
Turning pages (wtf?!)
Leaning forward in your seat
Unwrapping cellophane-wrapped candies

The above welcoming little list taken verbatim (apart from the wtf…) from a  Northern American symphony orchestra concert programme. After that little list we’re sure all their audiences feel really relaxed and ready to enjoy the show.

On Monday night at the George Tavern none of the above apply. Of course, the music will be so good you won’t want to do any of them either, but it’s always nice to know you might be able to tap your toes and not be glared at.

We decided to try our hand at breaking some other conventions, take a look at our video above.

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