The Night Shift

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Set list for Brighton, Bristol and Camden

Thu Oct 24 2013

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‘They face away from the audience and the instrument is covered in felt. They play in the most tender and devastati……

The Night Shift at The Monarch

Here’s the full set list from the last three dates of the Pub Tour, in Brighton, Bristol and Camden. Keep an eye on our site in the next few days for recommended recordings and a Spotify Playlist. And remember, if you can’t get enough Night Shift, we have a full scale event coming up on 31 October.


String Quartet No.2, Opus 77, first movement
String Quartet No.2, Opus 54, second movement

Kim B Ashton Indigo Dances (Brighton and London)
Satoko Doi-Luck Flying of Fickle Time (Bristol)

String Quartet No.5, Opus 76, fourth movement


String Quartet No.1, Opus 77 (complete, in four movements)

ENCORE (Drinking song)

String Quartet No.2, Opus 77, fourth movement

Performers: Matthew Truscott, Margaret Faultless, Tom Dunn and Robin Michael

Pre and post music mixed by The Boy Dan Good and Chris John

Thank you to Sound and Music for commissioning Indigo Dances and Flying of Fickle Time as part of their Portfolio programme

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