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Speed Interview – Olivia Chaney

Fri May 9 2014

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The Night Shift

Singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney joins us on Wednesday to opened The Night Shift.  We spoke with her about her approach to writing and what she fears most.

Your music seems deeply personal.  Where do you draw inspiration from?
Suffering, surviving, occasionally transcending, celebrating.. the latter three most often with crucial assistance of music, wonderful friends and family.

How do you approach writing?
Wildly differs. Consistently; I am slow, chaotic, particular and forget that I am musically at my best when my most spontaneous ie .not had time to over think.

What musicians or artists do you most admire?
Joni Mitchell, Stravinsky, Monteverdi, Purcell, HANDEL.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Lots of Sandy Denny/anything produced by Joe Boyd for a collaborative show the day after Night Shift, Caroline Polachek’s latest album + endless takes from sessions for my forthcoming album…!

What do you fear the most?
Failure and success. Even though I’m sometimes wise enough to remember neither of them really exist.

Who is your least favourite figure in modern culture?
Ooh so many can be irritating, but feels a bit strong to voice one’s dislike for someone you don’t know.. pass. It would probably be a footballer.. but I don’t know any of their names.

You’ve played with a wide range of people, at a wide range of venues, what have been your best and worst gig experiences so far?
Short answer: acting and singing at Shakespeare’s Globe two seasons in a row was pretty extraordinary. Playing clubs and bars and pubs to two men and their dog/poor turn-outs can be disheartening, but those kinds of shows often turn out to be the best/unexpectedly rewarding/inspiring anyhow..

Which book do you think everybody should read?
Il Gattopardo by Lampedusa, Seize The Day by Saul Bellow.

What was the last good film you saw?
Just watched Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders a few decades late..loved it none less.

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The Night Shift

See Olivia Chaney perform live this Wednesday 14 May, at Wilton’s Music Hall.


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