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Speed Interview: Robyn Allegra Parton

Tue Nov 27 2012

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Up and coming star Robyn Allegra Parton takes the quick question test.

What/when was your big breakthrough?
I was very fortunate to be called up from the chorus to sing Mercedes in Carmen, for the Opera Comique de Paris in Luxembourg, a couple of years ago. I had a day to learn the role so it was an exciting debut!   I’ve also had some incredible support and exposure from various sources: Sir John Eliot Gardiner has been a tireless mentor, and Garsington Opera and the Kathleen Ferrier Awards have really helped me through their endorsement. I’ve also sung with the Choir of the Enlightenment for the last couple of years.

What do you fear the most?
Being sneezed on in the tube.

Which mobile number do you call the most?
My school friends have the best perspective so I usually call them for advice.

What – or where – is perfection?
I get such a buzz from performing with friends, I think that feeling is as close as it gets. In musical terms definitely Beethoven.

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?
Can I have two? James Bond and the Queen of the Night. They would be awesome in battle.

What’s your favourite ritual?
Post-concert G&T.

Which living person do you most admire (and why)?
My brother is a research scientist and he works harder than anyone I know.

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?
I’ve been trying to tap dance this year. It’s hard!

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Learn as much as you can from everyone around you.

What is the most played music on your MP3 player or in your CD collection?
Almost certainly Handel with the odd Mariah Carey power ballad thrown in.

What’s the best thing about working in music?
Doing what you love! And the concert dresses.

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