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All quiet on the blog…

Mon 25 Jul 2011

You may have noticed that the OAE blog has been a little quiet over the last week….sorry! The reason is that the OAE Communications team, who generally update it, have all been away at a conference for a few days, learning to refine the tools of our trade. We’ll be posting a report from the conference (the Arts Marketing Association conference) soon, so you can find out just what we’ve been up to, and in the meantime we have a whole host of new videos and articles for you…so normal service will resume shortly!

William Norris, Communications Director

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Conference report

Wed 5 Aug 2009

A couple of weeks ago a colleague and I went up to Leicester for the annual Arts Marketing Association (AMA) conference. The AMA is the professional body for those working in (surprisingly) arts marketing and there were around 500 delegates there from all forms of the arts – theatres, dance companies, the visual arts etc. Aside from the Key Note presentations and Seminars the conference is a great way to network and socialise with colleagues not just from classical music but from other fields.

The conference this year was called Exploring artistic excellence and public engagement, and indeed one of the major themes running through the sessions was how we can get close to our audiences and make our organisations more porous and transparent – moving away from grand institutions that put on β€˜art’ and expect audiences to come, and instead becoming audience focussed, engaging with audiences, having a dialogue with them and putting them at the heart of what we do.

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Why a blog?

Mon 1 Dec 2008

Welcome to our new blog and our very first entry. We’re entering the blogging world a bit late and have (well us, the Marketing team) been kicked into action by attending a recent conference about digital marketing

staged by the Arts Marketing Association. In the past whenever someones mentioned a blog I guess I’ve always thought ‘yeah, but our day to day office and orchestral life isn’t *that* interesting’, but I got thinking – what is routine for us might just be interesting for everyone else. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that no one else ever sees. Obviously there is boring stuff involving the photocopier and printers, but we promise not to write about that (well, not unless our photocopying situation gets any worse…).

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