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Free Stuff for Students

Wed 9 Jan 2013

You may not know this but if you’re a student and would like to bag free concert tickets to selected OAE events, why not become an Attitude Rep? 

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Freshers Fayre fun…

Fri 14 Oct 2011

Attitude badges

Another year, another round of Freshers Fayres and another dry throat for the poor soul sent out to promote our student scheme Attitude. Or so the previous year’s OAE bloggers go. But not me! Just like the students I spoke to over the last couple of weeks, I’m also new; fresh intern meat as it happens.


In fact, I’m hardly fresh, I’m 38, but restless, I walked away from a perfectly good job during a recession to explore the world again. Just like all those students who drifted past one stall after another until something bright and shiny caught their eye, (our graffiti Mozart badges as it happens) I too am searching. It’s been nineteen years since my own arrival at university and there’s no small part of me that envied how very at the beginning of things they all were. But their moment also chimed with my own. In a way I’m also starting out, also looking to reinvent myself along the way. Also, rather reassuringly, I saw that some things haven’t changed since 1992. Students still want pin badges to show the world what kind of tribe they subscribe to and they still want posters with a blob of blu-tack to threaten the safe return of their deposits. But something else struck me too, that for all the trappings of modern life, we still want to gather round the campfire together and let someone or something shed a little light on what it is to be alive. Our acid pink badges and posters may well have lured them over to our stand but it was the promise of live music and a new experience that got them to sign up. And how reassuring is that? That beyond the sea of apps, texts, pokes and tweets that people are still searching for the same fundamental thing; shared experience and a little soul food.


Darren Charlton, Communications Intern

So, if you’re reading this and you’re a student, feel free to sign up for the mailing list by emailing us here and get news about our £4 offer on all concert tickets where available.

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New Night Shift podcast

Fri 14 Jan 2011

Our next Night Shift event is next Wednesday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, when we’ll be joined by Night Shift regular, conductor Vladimir Jurowski, for a concert of Mahler and Liszt. Support comes from Kitty La Roar and Nick of Time and there’s a DJ set afterwards from Postino. We’ve just released a new podcast ahead of the event and in it we chat to Orchestra leader Maggie Faultless about the music featured, hear from Vladimir Jurowski about his experiences of conducting at The Night Shift, find out how the graphic design and illustration for The Night Shift has evolved and also talk to Natasha, one of our student representatives. You can listen to the podcast below and it will also shortly be available on itunes. Also below is a retrospective of Night Shift flyer designs, to accompany your podcast listening!

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All the fun of the fair… (freshers that is)

Mon 13 Sep 2010

It’s that time of year again, after the long sunny weeks of summer, where students must return to the daily grind of freshers balls, socials, parties and the annual freshers fayre. (By the way, does any one know why they still use the old fashioned spelling for fair?)

Anyway…every year the OAE venture out to various unis in London, where we promote our Attitude student scheme (concert tickets for £4!) by encouraging students to sign up to our free mailing list, as well as giving out flyers and free exciting stuff like badges, posters and sweets.

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Coming to a university near you…

Wed 30 Sep 2009

It’s that time of year again! Yes, the time of year when a bunch of weary enthusiastic OAE staff spend their days visiting various universities around London to promote our student scheme, Attitude. Actually that’s the fun part, the real work is back in the office when we have to type about 1,500 names and email addresses (frequently trying to decipher some seriously unusual handwriting) into our database. Anyway, it’s all worthwhile and its actually great to get out of the office for a bit. Today we’ll be at the University of the Arts, and then we go on to UCL (1 and 2 Oct), ULU (2 Oct) and Imperial (6 oct). At the fairs we are encourging students to join our special free student scheme, Attitude, so that they can get cheap tickets and free beer (alway a winning combination) and we are also looking for student representatives to promote the OAE and our concerts acrosss London. Find out more here. Pictured you can see Natasha at the Royal Academy of Music fayre. It hadn’t started yet which is why she is still smiling…

William, Marketing Director

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