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Fri 31 Jul 2015

At The Night Shift we like to think ourselves fairly well-rounded – jacks of all trades, masters of none. Think Andrew Flintoff, Richard Branson or Changing Room’s Handy Andy.

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Empowering the audience? Maggie Faultless blogs for the Guardian

Mon 6 Feb 2012

In addition to our other press coverage violinist Maggie Fautless has today written a blog for The Guardian talking about why the pub tour is important:

“this is about empowerment. Audiences want to have a bit more ownership of what they’re listening to. The best performances involve a three-way relationship – the music (ie what’s on the page) the audience and the performers.”

We kinda like the idea of empowered audiences…

Tickets are still left for tomorrow’s show at Paradise, but Soho and Angel dates are now sold out. Sorry!

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