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Venue Profile: Green Door Store

Thu 23 Apr 2015

Lately we seem to be doing a lot of gigs in places with misleading names. Just as Manchester’s Soup Kitchen doesn’t actually give away soup, Brighton’s Green Door Store does not actually sell green doors (although they may store them somewhere in the building – I haven’t asked). However, my disappointment with the lack of green doors for sale is mitigated by a number of other factors. First and foremost, the place is exceptionally cool.

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Video: The Night Shift Tour

Thu 16 Apr 2015

The Night Shift tour: 6 gigs, 5 cities, all in one week. There really is no excuse not to be there, unless perhaps you’re out of the country.

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What’s your flava? Tell me what’s your flava?

Thu 19 Mar 2015

So we’re doing this nationwide tour, and we’re going to be in Brighton. And what’s the best thing about Brighton?

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The Night Shift: what was that tune?

Tue 21 Oct 2014

One of the problems with classical music is that you can’t Shazam it. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to find out what that great tune was?

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Speed Interview: Jon Jacob

Tue 14 Oct 2014

We’re pretty happy about the fact that writer and blogger Jon Jacob will be hosting The Night Shift in Brighton on Friday. So happy, in fact, that in an effort to get to know him better, we subjected him to the rigors of our speed interview.

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Set list announced for Brighton Night Shift

Thu 9 Oct 2014

As you might/should be aware, we’re returning to our favorite seaside town next week. Brighton, the home of rock, piers and retro sub-culture violence.

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The Night Shift Pub Tour in Bristol & Brighton – Your Thoughts…

Thu 24 Oct 2013

This week, for the first time, we took The Night Shift out of London and into the pubs of Brighton and Bristol.  Here’s what you had to say about it…

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Set list for Brighton, Bristol and Camden

Thu 24 Oct 2013

The Night Shift at The Monarch

Here’s the full set list from the last three dates of the Pub Tour, in Brighton, Bristol and Camden. Keep an eye on our site in the next few days for recommended recordings and a Spotify Playlist. And remember, if you can’t get enough Night Shift, we have a full scale event coming up on 31 October.

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Pub Profile: The Blind Tiger Club

Mon 14 Oct 2013

The Pub Tour makes its’ first trip outside of London on 21 October with a visit to The Blind Tiger in Brighton.

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Hitting the road again – plus audience & critics reaction so far

Thu 10 Oct 2013

The Night Shift Pub Your 2013 - Audience Reaction

In just over ten days time the Night Shift Pub Tour is on the road again, visiting three more pubs in Brighton, Bristol and London. So we thought it was time to take stock and look back at our last three gigs  – here’s footage from them plus reaction from the audience.

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The Pub Tour 2013 – make it happen

Fri 19 Jul 2013

As announced earlier today, we’re pretty excited to say that The Night Shift Pub Tour is back for 2013.

Obviously, we didn’t want to do exactly the same thing again (that’s clearly very dull) so we’ve added two major twists this time around.

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Location location location… (AKA help us find new venues!)

Thu 20 Jun 2013

It’s as important for venues as for houses, right? So, lacking a resident Kirstie and Phil here in the office, we’re instead turning to you for your advice.

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