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3 years, 17 cakes, Farewell OAE

Mon 8 Sep 2014

I can’t quite believe it but I am leaving the OAE 3 years to the day after I started.  The past three years at the OAE have been a complete whirlwind with the brilliant, vast and varied projects that we undertake here in the education department and the fantastic concerts that the Orchestra offer.

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A temporary farewell…

Fri 31 Aug 2012

I hope it’s not too self-indulgent to write this…after all I am but a small cog in the amazing machine that is the OAE, and a behind-the-scenes cog at that.

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The Tea Challenge (aka cake-related post #3567)

Fri 22 Jun 2012

Tea challenge

On our recent tour with Sir Simon Rattle, three brave members of the OAE set themselves a tough challenge. They would aim to have tea and cake in every city of the tour. Here’s how Tanya (harp), Jane (flute) and Rebecca (bassoon) got on…

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Anthem: The Prologue

Mon 19 Mar 2012

Our huge Anthem for a Child tour kicks off today in Plymouth, where we’ll be visiting schools for workshops in the morning and then off to the Devonport Guildhall for a concert in the afternoon.

OAE Education Officer, Ellie Cowan will be blogging for the whole tour and here’s her first post:

“Today started in more style than I am accustomed to; I was picked up from my house by OAE Projects Director, Ceri Jones in our swanky hire car. Luckily we’d been upgraded and had an estate car because we soon filled it with all one needs for a week and a half long education tour – music, stands, paperwork, luggage, laptops, paper, scissors, glue, hoodies, stickers, a filmmaker, his equipment, and most importantly, cake.

This tour has taken a lot of preparation and I have been using the Anthem logo since starting with the OAE in September, therefore, it seemed only right to have an on-brand cake for the start of tour… a challenge that I gladly set myself. So, after many hours of cutting icing and sprinkling edible glitter (I work in education you see), I came up with quite an amazing cake which then had to sit on my knees on the 4 hour trip to Plymouth…”

Also make sure you watch out for the four OAE musicians who’ll be touring by tandem between each venue- starting today from Plymouth to Totnes and overall, covering 571 miles!


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Green Month: Low-carbon Cake Sale

Thu 15 Mar 2012

It’s Green month this March at the OAE, which we happily discovered coincides with UK National Climate Week this week.  The OAE’s green team had a good brainstorm at the beginning of March for some initiatives across the entire organisation which we will be working on in the coming months, but for a bit of immediacy and to raise awareness amongst our colleagues we settled on a Low-Carbon cake sale which we are holding in the office today.  All funds raised from the cake sale will go towards planting a tree to carbon-offset our output this month.

So… How can a cake be low-carbon?

A bit of research was required, and we came up with the following guidelines.  With thanks to the website www.preventclimatechange.co.uk

The cake should…..

1. Be constructed without expending any oven energy.

2. Be made from locally sourced ingredients (and no this does not mean from your local supermarket, it means locally produced!  Therefore reducing air miles)

3. Use organic ingredients.  Organic farms are generally considered to use more sustainable methods of farming, avoid pesticides and therefore pollution.

4. Have a short ingredient list (less packaging involved).

5. Be based on unprocessed goods (with the theory that the more processed a food is the more energy has gone into all its stages of production).

6. Be vegetarian or vegan, or have a focus on vegetables as ingredients.  Raising animals for meat/milk/eggs generally requires more energy that raising crops.

7. Be made from ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste, and been thrown away.

So what did we make?

Raw chocolate brownies, with creamy chocolate frosting

Lemon, lime and ginger cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake

Chocolate and Beetroot brownies

Vegetarian cupcakes decorated with vegetarian gummy sweets

If you’d like to find out which recipes we used leave us a comment below!

Ceri Jones, Projects Director

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Let them eat cake

Thu 15 Oct 2009

Surely this is a blog about the behind the scenes operations of a period instrument orchestra, and not a bakery, but yes this blog article is going to focus on the joys of cake….

Last Sunday morning I found myself running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon – a lovely half marathon route around Hyde, Green and St James Park, and other well known sights of London. – We even passed the OAE’s regular performing haunts of Southbank Centre and Royal Albert Hall. I’d got a charity place in the race alongside a group of people from a fitness group I belong to – Fitter London (www.fitterlondon.co.uk) and we were all raising funds for a charity called Right to Play (www.righttoplay.org.uk). Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organisation that uses sport and play as a tool for development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

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