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Exit Interview: Matthew Grindon

Thu 26 Jun 2014


Our Marketing and Press Officer, Matthew Grindon, responsible for a lot of the content on this website and on social media, left the OAE team last week for pastures new. We put our Exit Interview questions to him…

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Current Distractions

Thu 8 Aug 2013


If you think you’re a good musician, don’t watch the video of the girl playing Vivaldi, apart from that, here’s our latest list of things that have caught our attention in the arts world.  But first…

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Current Distractions

Thu 14 Mar 2013


The strangest thing I ever saw when walking home at night, was a plastic bag full of severed pig’s trotters, and it freaked me out big time.  Finding horrible things on the internet isn’t quite as rare, most of the time they find you, then once that bell’s been rung, it can’t be un-rung.  What follows, however, is some of the more inspiring/less worrying things I’ve seen of late.

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