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The Night Shift Pub Tour Top 10 Pictures

Wed 11 Dec 2013

The Night Shift

The hangovers have just about worn off now, so as the year draws to a close, we look back at some of our favourite moments from The Night Shift Pub Tour 2013 as captured by photographer Joe Plommer.  Thanks so much to all of you that helped make this happen.


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The Night Shift at the Amersham Arms: in pictures

Mon 29 Apr 2013


It’s been just under a week since our mini Night Shift at The Amersham Arms so we thought we’d share some pics from the night with you to refresh your memories.

We returned to the cosy pub on a warm spring evening for an ice-cold beer and some brilliant music, courtesy of our OAE trio: Ken Aiso, Jonathan Rees and David Gordon.

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7 February Night Shift pics and feedback

Fri 15 Feb 2013

We’re still recovering from our Night Shift at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall last Thursday- so to relive the night again, we’ve put together a gallery of pictures for your viewing pleasure…

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November Night Shift pics

Thu 29 Nov 2012

It’s only been a week since our Night Shift at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall…so here’s an assortment of pictures to remind you of the night…

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Pics from the Night Shift

Fri 2 Nov 2012

© Joe Plommer

Here’s a selection of pictures from our Night Shift last week at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

We were entertained by violinist/director Maggie Faultless and OAE Principal Horn player Roger Montgomery, in an evening celebrating superstar composer Mozart.  Beforehand, Last Summer’s Tealights took the stage in the foyer and there was a fab set from Ben Eshmade afterwards- we particularly enjoyed the Moon River singalong!

To view the full set of sparkly photos, take a trip over to Facebook or Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

We also had a nice review from the night.  Read it here.

And don’t forget, we’ve got another event back at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 22 November- a perfect way to escape the cold! Full details here.



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Old Queens Head: pics and feedback

Mon 1 Oct 2012

Here’s a selection of pictures from last Tuesday’s Night Shift at the Old Queens Head.

We had a fab night where we got to hear the best bits from some of Haydn’s string quartets as well as some rocking fugues from OAE musicians Matt, Maggie, Tom and Robin.  Thanks to everyone who came!

We’ve also collated your images and feedback from the night on our brand new Storify page. Check it out here.

To view the full set of images take a trip over to Facebook or Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

And don’t forget, our next full-size Night Shift is coming up in October at the Southbank Centre, so don’t miss out!

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Queen Elizabeth Hall: Pictures

Tue 17 Apr 2012

Here’s a selection of pictures from our last Night Shift, at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall back on 4 March. We played an all-Bach concert and were supported by the Silvermoths and DJ Bob Stanley. As an added bonus the event was part of the Music Nation weekend and was also broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 – a first for us! To view to full set take a trip over to Facebook or Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

We’re currently working on future events and hope to be letting you know about them in the next few weeks…


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Roundhouse: Pictures

Fri 13 Apr 2012

Here’s a selection of pictures from our event at the Roundhouse back in February, where we kicked off their Reverb Festival. View the full set on Facebook or Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

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Green Carnation: Pictures

Wed 4 Apr 2012

The fourth date of our pub tour, on 21 February, saw us at the Green Carnation in the heart of soho. Here’s a selection of pics – to view the full set view them on Facebook or Flickr. All pics by Joe Plommer.


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Paradise: Pictures

Thu 15 Mar 2012

It’s been such a busy month here that we are rather behind in getting our pictures uploaded! Anyway, here are a selection of pics from the third date of the pub tour, back on 7 February at what was a very very crowded Paradise in Kensal Rise. You can view the full set over on Facebook or, if you prefer, on Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.


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Amersham Arms: Pictures

Mon 13 Feb 2012

Here’s a selection of images from our Amersham Arms pub gig back on 1 Feb. You can view the full set over on our Facebook page or take a look at them over on Flickr. Pictures from the Paradise gig coming soon…

All pics by Joe Plommer.


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George Tavern: Pictures

Tue 7 Feb 2012

Here’s a selection of pictures from the first of our pub gigs at the George Tavern.

You can view (and tag) the complete set over on Facebook or see them on Flickr if you prefer. All pictures taken by Joe Plommer.


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The Night Shift: in pictures

Tue 11 Oct 2011

Charles Hazlewood at The Night Shift 29 September

Here’s a few pictures from our Night Shift event at the Southbank Centre at the end of September.
Apologies for the delay- we’ve had a very busy few weeks, launching  our new concert series, The Works, and launching this new website!

You can view the full set (all taken by Joe Plommer) over on The Night Shift’s Facebook page or on Flickr.

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On being a fledgling presenter

Mon 19 Sep 2011

Jon Jacobs at the mini pub Night Shift

OAE photographer Joe Plommer appears to be able to capture a moment with his camera and present it in entirely different way from the way my memory recalls it now (above). He’s made me appear relaxed. I was far from it. And there were moments when I looked at Maggie (right) and was certain she probably wondered what the hell I was saying.

That’ll be the internal dialogue. I bet you.

Maybe it was the drink. Between you and me, I’d had a glass of red wine before arriving at the Star of Kings pub to ‘compere’ the OAE’s inaugural Mini Night Shift concert. I had a strong black coffee while I waited for the rehearsal to finish, and then a beer before my first moment on stage delivering the very important message: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the gig will start in ten minutes time.”

The truth is that I’ve always rather fancied doing this line of work. As I’ve said before, Alistair Appleton makes it look really easy. Surely, if I try and cultivate a similar image that should do the trick, shouldn’t it?

That was my thinking selecting the checked shirt I received the day before on my birthday. But by the time approximately 200 people had packed into the pub and the band had marked out their territory on stage, I quickly began to realise this was going to be a good deal more difficult than standing in front of a camera and waxing lyrical about the best way to listen to Beethoven 9.

What represented the massive learning curve for me in what amounted to my first stint behind the microphone was to what extent the presenter is incidental to events on stage. And in an intimate space like the Star of Kings that was a point which became even more important, not least because Matthew Truscott, Maggie Faultless and Robin Michael are all such dab hands at introducing the music anyway. Matthew especially seems more than happy to whip up the crowd into a mild frenzy (the line about ‘wives always end up killing their husbands’ certainly resulted in a discernible collective intake of breath).

But while I look on another shot from last night and think that maybe Bachtrack’s review of me appearing a little uncomfortable may have been partially correct, I’m struck with the cheeky nerve I appear to have had tweeting while the players were doing their thing.

I suspect they must have been playing Handel. I still don’t get what everyone gets so excited about where Handel is concerned. That said, serve me up some Purcell – like the 10 Sonatas in 4 Parts (but only available on 3 – don’t ask me to explain the story behind it, I don’t recall) – and you’ve got me hooked. And, as memory serves me everyone else in the room got it too. The cheer at the end of both sonatas played was overwhelming. And when a whole room full of people express that kind of appreciation at the same time you know you’re right.

And that perhaps points to the underlying joy in the Mini Night Shift and the thrill I experienced. Everyone got to stand close to the players (some even had their pictures taken with them). But I got to stand even closer. And […]

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Sweaty, packed and boozy. The Night Shift in a pub.

Fri 9 Sep 2011

We’ll surely do a proper blog about last night’s Night Shift pub gig soon, but here’s a quick roundup with pictures and your feedback. Huge thanks to everyone who came along – we couldn’t have fitted many more of you in! A full set list will follow shortly.

“this was a great night out “
Bachtrack review

Twitter feedback:

@rubertg: Was at @theoae’s Purcell In The Pub last night. Fabulous evening, sweaty, beery, noisy, tuney. Like being there the first time around.

@katysaustin: Fun, rustic pub ‘n’ Purcell chez @theoae last night; @thoroughlygood as compere.

@kitmonsters: Fab pub gig @theoae setting a new benchmark for vintage kit + gorgeous tuneage from DJ @rocking_bob @bobpetesarah St Etienne

@paulcampy: fantastic music at #TheNightShift courtesy of @theoae – but a bit of a shame either venue too small or too many tickets sold.

Audience comments

Pics (all by Joe Plommer)

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