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Why Friday the 13th wont be so bad after all: a new Night Shift podcast

Wed 11 Aug 2010

Ahead of our special summer event at Wilton’s this Friday (the 13th) we’ve just released this new podcast which looks forward to the event. In it, we find out about the history of the venue – and why the can-can was banned, chat with OAE leader and violinist Matthew Truscott (who was in a rather windy Glyndebourne) about the music and get your reactions to the last event back in May. Find out more about The Night Shift and how to buy tickets at its special website. This podcast also features our Pod Idol winner Raul – making his debut as the voice of the pod.

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Pod Idol 2010 – the result

Tue 22 Jun 2010

After a very closely fought and ever-changing battleĀ  the winner of Night Shift Pod Idol 2010 is….(cue dramatic background music)…(long pause)…


Congratulations! Thanks also to everyone else who entered – we were quite staggered to get SO many votes – thousands of them!

Thanks for voting and entering and keep an ear out for Raul on future pods…

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The Night Shift: Pod Idol

Fri 11 Jun 2010

Yes, Pod Idol is here. At the last Night Shift we asked people to audition to be ‘The Voice of The Night Shift’, i.e. the voice-over for our regular Night Shift podcasts. We asked entrants to read out four lines for us:

“Welcome to The Night Shift podcast”

“You’re listening to The Night Shift podcast”

“The Night Shift, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s late night concert series”

“The Night Shift. Classical music, minus the rules”

Thank you to everyone who entered, we were pleasantly surprised at how many of you gave it a go! We’ve now picked our favourites and it’s now down to you, blog readers and Night Shift fans, to pick a winner. Listen to the clips below and then VOTE! We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 22 June, so you have until then to cast your vote. UPDATE: Voting will close 12 noon, 22 June







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