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Your programmes last night…

Fri 10 Oct 2014

OAE Programme

As anyone who was at our concert last night will know, we had a slight mishap in that our programmes didn’t turn up…

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Berlioz’s Romeo & Juliet: Programmes

Mon 20 Feb 2012

At Saturday’s performance of Berlioz’s Romeo & Juliet we were slightly victims of our own success. A huge surge in bookings in the last week meant we had a much larger audience than we had bargained for. This is of course wonderful, and it was fantastic to see such a packed hall, but it did mean that we didn’t have quite enough programmes to go around. If you didn’t manage to get hold of one we do apologise. However PDF’s of the main programme and the extra slip with more notes and Orhestra and Choir lists can be found on the links below.

Main Programme

Programme Slip

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The OAE: Proud to support local businesses…

Thu 2 Feb 2012

Compiling and editing programmes is a thankless task. No matter how many times you proof read it, no matter how many people do it, there will always be mistakes in it. And while it’s pretty rare for someone to come up to us and say ‘I love your programmes’ (though it has happened), errors in them are much more frequently pointed out to us!

Anyway. After our Glory of Venice concert last month at the Southbank Centre we had the usual list of slip ups, which were duly noted,  but I thought nothing more of it. Then, a few days later we received a letter (below) in the office from Plaudit Minibuses. They were delighted at their mention in the programme and said how fantastic it was that we were supporting local businesses. Lovely! I assumed that they were a group booker as we do say a little thank you to groups within the programme. But upon turning to the page in the programme they mentioned it was just the text and translations of the sung pieces in the programme. We were all somewhat puzzled…

Then, I realised that someone had mentioned a mistake in the Latin. Indeed yes, instead of Plaudit Manibus (clapping hands) the spell check had changed it to Plaudit Minibus…

Stephen, our Chief Executive, replied to ‘Plaudit Minibuses’ (also below). Definitely one of the more amusing customer letters we have received!

William Norris, Communications Director

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