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Operamaniac – 5 Operas to see before you die

Thu 17 Apr 2014

We all have our favourite operas (if you are into opera, of course). And frequently an intense debate among opera fanatics can arise over who is the best composer. After two hundred years we still debate about Wagner and Verdi, two amazing composers that changed opera forever. With this in mind, I have recently been asked the following: “Daniel, if you had to nominate five (and only five) operas that everyone must see before they die, what would they be?”

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Current Distractions

Fri 1 Nov 2013

Current Distractions - OAE

It’s half term, meaning the trains are slightly emptier, the roads are marginally clearer and everywhere else is packed with loud and irritating children. So the theme for this week’s Current Distractions is childhood.

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