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The Night Shift, 26 November 2013 -Audience Feedback

Wed 27 Nov 2013

Ya-Fei Chuang OAE

Last night was the last Night Shift of the year, featuring music from Beethoven and Mendelssohn, Robert Levin and Ya-Fei Chuang on fortepianos, Maggie Faultless directing from a first edition manuscript, pre-show excellence from Harry Harris, an amazing DJ set from Clean Bandit and the ever popular Alistair Appleton keeping the whole thing under control, like a lion tamer with a penchant for knitwear.  Here’s what you had to say…

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Maggie Faultless on Beethoven’s Symphony No. 8

Tue 26 Nov 2013


OAE violinist Maggie Faultless tells you why you should come to The Night Shift at Queen Elizabeth Hall tonight, where she’ll lead a performance of Beethoven Symphony 8 – direct from copies of Beethoven’s original edition of the music.

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Speed Interview – Harry Harris

Mon 25 Nov 2013

Harry Harris OAE

Songwriter Harry Harris joins us to open The Night Shift  on 12 May at 9pm.  Way back in 2013 he told us about his biggest fear and where his music comes from…

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Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)



The Man:  Beethoven’s father Johann is known to have been an alocholic who was abusive towards him as a child.  Johann would force the young Ludwig to practice all of the time, slamming the piano cover on his knuckles if he made a mistake and providing little to no positive reinforcement if he got it right.

Ludwig knew from the age of 26 that he had problems with his hearing and by the end of his life he was completely deaf.  It’s thought that this made him irritable, over-sensitive, petulant and withdrawn. But throughout all that, he remained ever sure of himself.

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Beethoven – More than just a big dog

Tue 12 Nov 2013

The Night Shift

‘What’s special about the 26 November?’ I hear you shout!  That’s right, it’s The Night Shift at Queen Elizabeth Hall and this time around we’re proving that Beethoven is more than just a gigantic/loveable dog from the 90s.

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Speed Interview – Uttng

Thu 31 Oct 2013

The Night Shift

DJ Uttng joins us tonight to close The Night Shift.  He spoke to us about where he gets his inspiration and the most obscure album he owns…

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Corelli – 5 Facts and One Lie

Thu 31 Oct 2013

Corelli OAE

Tonight we head to Queen Elizabeth Hall, for an informal concert celebrating Arcangelo Corelli and the composers he inspired. Here’s 5 facts you might not know about him, plus one lie.

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Stage Seats

Wed 30 Oct 2013

Stage Seats OAE

We know some of you like to get as close as possible to the music,  to see the players nimble fingers and feel their soft warm breath on your cheeks.

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Speed Interview – She Makes War

Tue 29 Oct 2013

She Makes War - The Night Shift

She Makes War opens The Night Shift at 9pm on 31 October.  Here she talks about creativity, hoverboards and using music to make sense of chaos…

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Speed Interview – Rhiannon Morgan

Tue 29 Jan 2013

With Henri Oguike’s dance company soon to make an appearance at the next Night Shift, we spoke with dancer Rhiannon Morgan at rehearsals to find out more about how she got into dance.

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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


Vivaldi/The Man
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born in Venice.  He was baptized immediately after his birth by the midwife, which led many people to believe his life was somehow in danger.  The real reason isn’t known for sure, it could be that he was ill or another theory is that an earthquake that day caused his mum to be paranoid.  Either way, she’s said to have dedicated him to the priesthood because of it.  Cheers Mum.

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Queen Elizabeth Hall: Pictures

Tue 17 Apr 2012

Here’s a selection of pictures from our last Night Shift, at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall back on 4 March. We played an all-Bach concert and were supported by the Silvermoths and DJ Bob Stanley. As an added bonus the event was part of the Music Nation weekend and was also broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 – a first for us! To view to full set take a trip over to Facebook or Flickr. All pics are by Joe Plommer.

We’re currently working on future events and hope to be letting you know about them in the next few weeks…


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