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CPE Bach, Symphonies (CD)

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The newest CD on our OAE Released label features the music of CPE Bach – a trailblazer, whose music is bright and effervescent. Music that constantly shifts, wrong-footing the listener when they least expect it with wild changes of colour and direction.

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7 things you (probably) didn’t know about CPE Bach

Thu 23 Jan 2014

Conductor Rebecca Miller joins us on 30 January for Gamechangers: A Forgotten Revolutionary, a concert featuring works from the often overlooked CPE Bach.  Here Rebecca shares a few things you might not know about the composer…

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Speed Interview – Rebecca Miller

Fri 17 Jan 2014


Rebecca Miller joins us on Thursday 30 Jan for an evening of CPE Bach.  We spoke to her about working in the music industry, pre-concert rituals and why she loves working with the OAE.

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