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Got an itch? You better Scratch it…

Fri 16 Apr 2010

Excitedly on the eve of our first Scratch Orchestra event, I am feeling the need to blog.  It seems no time at all since last October when what seemed like a mad idea for the event sprang to mind.  I was at Southbank Centre listening to a performance of Mahler 4, which in this version was scored for a group of chamber players.  During the Symphony (I tend to think of things when I’m relaxed – usually in the shower or out on a run!) I had an idea that you needn’t necessarily have a full Symphony Orchestra to convey a piece of classical music, and with a random group of musicians (which we have in the OAE Administration team) it just might be possible for us to perform something like this.  Shelving this for a bit my imagination ran a bit riot then when we were thinking of supplementary events to add interest to our week of Beethoven at Kings Place.  We would have access to a beautiful hall to rehearse in, we could make use of our Young Conductor who was around that week, and invite other office workers in the building and surrounding area to come and play some Beethoven in a long lunch break (it is a Friday after all).  We could use an OAE leader and some other players from the orchestra.  Once word had spread some OAE players even suggested to come and play but not on their OAE instruments. What an opportunity!

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