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Joyous voices and spelling stumbles

Thu 22 Nov 2012

It is a widely known fact amongst those who know me that I can’t spell.  I’m the person to play Scrabble against but always the last to be picked for a game of Cranium. I did warn the OAE in my interview that spelling was not my forte but as a competent computer user I get round it with the wonder of autocorrect and spell check and I hoped it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Clearly the warning wasn’t enough to put them off and they took a chance on me, bad spelling and all.

Some words come easier to me than others and while Enlightenment has never proved a challenge, somehow the Christmas Education project names always include a particularly Ellie-mind-block word.

A Seasonal Spelling Stumble, my Christmas Conundrum.

Last year our event was ‘Hallelujah Indeed’ and we filled the Royal Festival Hall stage with young singers and players performing Hallelujah inspired repertoire.  It was glorious. In organising that event I had to write and type Hallelujah more than the average person does in a lifetime (it clearly wasn’t’ enough as I’m still stumbling over that word as I type this – Hall-e-lu-jah). This year, Hallelujah! I cried as I was told of our new project, ‘Joyous voices’.  Sadly, my joy was short lived.  Joyous.  It’s that pesky second o that seems to evade me and as last year, in organising this event, I’ve spent a lot of time exasperated at my absent vowels and erroneous consonants.

However, in amongst my orthographic challenges I am really looking forward to Joyus (sic) Voices.  During the pre-concert event we have members of the Foundling Choir and Foundling Community Choir accompanied by members of the OAE.  All of this takes place in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer at 5.45pm and we’d love to see you in the audience as there will be encouraged audience participation!

I hope to see you there and in the meantime, if anyone wants to make me up a mnemonic for joyous or hallelujah I’d be ever so grateful.

Ellie, Education Officer (the irony isn’t lost on me)

For your amusement, here are just a few of the words that I stumbled over during writing this:

Particulary – particularly
Avade – evade
Consients- consonants
Newmonic -mnemonic
Accopained – accompanied

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