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Amersham Arms: set list

Fri 3 Feb 2012

The second night of the pub tour went down a storm (we think?!) in a rather chilly Amersham Arms, as we made our New Cross debut! Here’s a full set list from the evening.

Set One

Handel Trio Sonata in F major from Opus No. 5
Tartini Trio Sonata in D
Sammartini Duo for two violins in D
Bononcini aria from Camilla, Fate the more it does depress me
Purcell Catch: Once, twice I Julia tried

Set Two

Locatelli Trio Sonata No, 7 from Opus 8
Hellendaal Concerto Grosso No.1  from Opus 3
Baltzar divisions on “John come Kiss &c” from Playford ‘The Division Violin’, London 1684
Purcell Catch: Tis women make us love


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Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)


Tartini/ The Man

For a man who obsessed about musical theory, Tartini was no bore. He was driven by emotional ideals, practised his fencing until he could beat anyone in Istria, and even wrote a piece when an apparition of the devil appeared in his bedroom.

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