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The dog ate my homework…

Wed Apr 21 2010

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And other stories….  Spring again, so time for another dose of applications to the OAE’s apprentice conductor scheme, The Melgaard OAE Young Conductor Scheme.

The volume of applicants was way up on last year (2010/11 will be the 3rd year of  the application process) so we had a huge task in the Projects team to process everything.  Both our trusty Graduate Intern Jo and myself waded our way through literally hundreds of e-mails and DVD’s arriving in the post.  I think us and the FedEx man could be on first name terms!

Mid March; and with the deadline looming I had an incredible amount of incomplete applications.  The application requires a cover letter, application form, CV, and two letters of support.  All of this was required via e-mail (must be better for the environment).  A DVD with excerpts of their conducting was also a required component.  With all these missing components and failed attempts to send DVDs that actually work (top tip – check the DVD works before you mail it) I couldn’t resist sharing with you some excerpts from e-mails in explanation of not having everything in on time.  Name and locations shall remain nameless…

“I realised earlier today that I may not have sent the final draft of my covering letter for my application”

“I have just seen the information regarding the Melgaard OAE Young Conductor Scheme and see that the application deadline is Monday! I should be able to get most of the information to you by then but may not be able to organise the testimonials until a few day later. Would it be ok if these arrived midweek?”

“Yesterday I sent my cover letter with email, which is not very polite, but I had problems with my computer. The sentences were quite jumpy yesterday, from the left to the right and in reverse, I don’t know what was going on.  Apologies – it wasn’t meant to appear like this”

“I am sorry for my mistake, I thought I included this document when I sent you the demo DVD”

“Because of plobable delay by Italian mail I have written in the application form 3 web links to 3 conducting excepts of mine. I apologise for this”

“I’m really sorry with all this post misunderstanding, but now I’m sure there must be a problem with the Post”.

“I hereby send my application for the Melgaard OAE Young Conductor Scheme.  I will complete my application in a few days”

“For some odd reason my other application package is being delayed by customs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get more information as to why there was a delay”

“Please excuse my misunderstanding; I feel ashamed: until today I thought that “covering letter” was a recommendation letter from someone supporting my application, “covering” (in the sense of rotecting, overseeing) my application. I beg you to accept the attached file to complete my application”

Joking aside, I’m slightly concerned that these are the shining examples of the next generation of conductors…

Ceri Jones, Projects Manager

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