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The Night Shift – Handel’d Camera

Fri Apr 19 2013

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Now for the fiery ending!


In ‘normal’ classical concerts, a lot of things are frowned upon; chatting, drinking… and sneaky filming of the event too (tut tut).  Well, we’ve pretty much tackled chatting and drinking, so for the Night Shift at the Amersham Arms on 23 April, we want you to help us take it one step further.

We regularly hear from people that love the idea of the Night Shift but can’t be there, so we want to make a video from the perspective of those that make it what it is- the audience.

So, for one night only, we’re positively encouraging you to get those phones and cameras out.

On the night, we’ll tell you when to start filming, then you just need to send us your footage afterwards.

We’ll then take your contributions, cut them up and create a beautiful musical collage for all to enjoy.

In return for your efforts, you’ll be in with the chance to win backstage drinks with the Orchestra, tickets and chocolate at a future show, plus we’ll credit ALL the contributors on the finished video.

It can be on your camera, your iPad or your mobile, it’s all good.
The deadline for your entry is 7 May.
So be ready, and when we give the signal – hit record.


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