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The Night Shift meets Portfolio

Tue Feb 26 2013

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Night Shift in a pub

Last Thursday, I joined the esteemed composer Sally Beamish, cellist Robin Michael and Sound & Music’s Creative Projects Leader Hannah Bujic to interview seven candidates to be awarded a place on Sound and Music’s Portfolio programme.  The winning three candidates would be offered the opportunity to spend time working with OAE’s Night Shift Pub tour group, mentored by Sally Beamish, to compose a 5 minute work each for our Haydn Pub tour which will be taking place this Autumn.  Having worked for the OAE for a LONG time, I was a little nervous about my abilities to help select a contemporary composer – but I was there with my ‘I produce the OAE pub tour hat on’ so it was important for me to make sure the candidates got what we were about and made the most of this Pub Night Shift composition opportunity.

With Bach, Haydn and Beethoven being well long gone (sorry, no nicer way of writing it), it was fantastic to meet alive and thriving young composers deserving of this opportunity.   By the end of the day, three fantastic composers were selected.  I shall look forward to meeting them again, and hearing their initial ideas at their first workshop in March just a few weeks from now.

Haydn string quartets + contemporary compositions – I can’t wait to tour this around London pubs in the Autumn.

(Ed- Keep an eye on our website for the composers and Pub tour announcement, coming soon…)

Ceri Jones
Projects Director

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