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Why a blog?

Mon Dec 1 2008

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Welcome to our new blog and our very first entry. We’re entering the blogging world a bit late and have (well us, the Marketing team) been kicked into action by attending a recent conference about digital marketing

Will and Natasha - the OAE's Marketing team

Will and Natasha - the OAE's Marketing team

staged by the Arts Marketing Association. In the past whenever someones mentioned a blog I guess I’ve always thought ‘yeah, but our day to day office and orchestral life isn’t *that* interesting’, but I got thinking – what is routine for us might just be interesting for everyone else. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that no one else ever sees. Obviously there is boring stuff involving the photocopier and printers, but we promise not to write about that (well, not unless our photocopying situation gets any worse…).

Anyway, this is a bit of an experiment, so let us know what you think – add your comments and suggestions and we’ll respond. We’ll try and cover various aspects of our ‘life’ and will make posts as frequent as time allows. Coming up soon will be a backstage report from the Royal Festival Hall, and posts from our European tour with Sir Simon Rattle. So stay tuned…

Will and Natasha (The Marketing Dept!)

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  • Congratulations on this leap into the unknown (not unusual for the OAE, of course!). Rest assured that what’s routine for you is certainly interesting to many of us – knowing something of the behind-the-scenes life of the orchestra surely contributes to the enjoyment of its performances, in the same way that knowing about the life and circumstances of a composer affects one’s understanding of the music.

    On a techie note, you might try scaling down the size of the images before uploading them to the blog (the office pic is 3072 x 2304 pixels, and 3.2MB).

    Good luck!

    John Sandell Wed Dec 10 2008
  • Congratulations on entering the Blogosphere! Thanks for the cross-reference, which will be reciprocated on mine. Great pic of Vlad and Sir Simon, btw…

    Jessica Sun Dec 14 2008
  • The Michael Roddy Reuters article is headed “London Orchestra ….”. I believe that that misnomer makes clear why a blog is a good idea. I’m sure you shouldn’t want to be a London Orchestra. Living in Lancashire – where you haven’t played for a few years now – I still regard you as my orchestra. You are a national/international treasure and the blog is a way of involving all those who have few easy opportunities to hear you.
    Marsden P

    Marsden P Holden Sat Dec 20 2008